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Dutch Golden Age Related Links….

For the sake of convenience ,  I have compiled the following list of links that relate to my work either for reference, research or just general interest.

- The Holy Grail of Dutch Golden Age Art The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

- Los Angeles County Museum of Art which host a great collection of Dutch Golden Age paintings and luxury objects as seen in many Pronks, including evasive buckelpokals and great salt cellars.

- The Getty Museum which has many Still Life masterpieces and also a great collection of XVII Century European glasses, including many rare roemers, Venetian, berkemeyer and beaker glasses.

- Essential Vermeer - Great resource for Vermeer works, lots of details about objects, his life, wife, history, Delft, books about the Master and his life, movies, etc.

- The Mauritshuis in The Hague

Other Links…

Kimberly Steenson Contemporary Abstract Painter

Vera Waton Contemporary Abstract Painter

Say It Canada

Markham Arts Council

York Region Arts Council

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